//Guide to Portland: Broth bar by Salt Fire & Time//


If you’re looking for a quick refreshment while exploring Portland Broth Bar by Salt Fire & Time is a great place.

They give you a base of bone broth (The type of broth varies each day) and then you choose the flavors and seasonings. They also sell amazing kombucha! I would definitely recommend trying the rose or pine flavored kombucha.

The gal was super nice, and very informative if you had any questions. The customer service was great!

You can tell from the minute you walked in that this business takes pride in good quality.  10/10 experience there 🙂



//April Favorites//


Well, April has officially come to an end. It was a wonderful and difficult month for me, but overall beautiful. There are a few things I really enjoyed this month that I thought I would share with you.

The first thing would have to be the mini rose bush that a dear friend gave me. Ever time I look at that little rose bush I’m reminded of the wonderful friends I have in my life. Plus it looks really cute on my windowsill 🙂

Next is the Ken Paves You are beautiful, Relaxing balm. It keeps my hair from frizzing, which is a huge issue with all these April showers!

The third thing is a book called 52 Lists For Happiness. It has you write down things that you’re thankful for. Im a huge fan of thankfulness, so I really really enjoy this list making book.

Fourth would have to be my Forever 21 hat I got ages ago. Ive been enjoying putting flowers on the brim

And last but not least is a little white dress by Ginger G. I really like the feminine simplicity of it.

Cheers to April! Thanks for reading, I hope you have a wonderful day!


//Portland Birthday Adventures//



I was so blessed to able to spend time with Micah and my family for my Birthday this past weekend. Because its spring in Washington we were all being starved of the sunshine, so we headed to were the weather reported warmest without it being 4+ hours away. That place happened to be Portland. So we hoped in the car and left our home in Washington to visit our lovely neighbor Oregon.

My sister and I had a few place that we wanted to visit, the first place we crossed off the list was Cup and Bar for their infamous Dirty Charlie. My sister ordered the Dirty Charlie, and I would have to say it was as good as everyone says. Probably an 8/10. I ordered their Americano, and sadly I was disappointed. It wasn’t particularly spectacular and it was quite weak. If you don’t like strong coffee than this is the place for you! But me personally I would give the Americano a 5/10, just average. The ascetic was on point though haha. And they had AMAZING chocolate! So over all I would say go to cup and bar for their Dirty Joe and their amazing (expensive) chocolate. 

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After navigating our way through the hectic Portland traffic we finally made it to the farmers market at the Portland State University. My favorite part of the market was seeing so many interesting people. Also seeing people pour their heart into their crafts, produce, baked goods, floral arrangements and music. That’s always so inspiring to me to see people doing something they enjoy. 

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Our third stop was in the alphabet district for Salt & Straw. And let me tell you it was the best dang ice cream I have ever had! Salt & Straw comes up with the most random, weird flavors that somehow taste amazing! I tried an olive oil one, Micah had strawberry balsamic with black pepper and my Dad had pear, blue cheese. I’m pretty sure all of us were filled with pure joy after just one taste. All the flavors were incredible. If I could recommend one place to visit in portland it would DEFINITELY be Salt & Straw. 1,000,000x Infinity/10.  

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Also the Alphabet district is just so delightful! Small businesses inside victorian houses and blooming trees lined the streets. I would for sure go back to that area of Portland.

The day ended with a trip to the outlet mall and a hearty burger from Red Robins.

Over all it was an amazing Birthday and I was so grateful to be able to spend it with my favorite people in the whole entire world. Best Birthday ever.

Thanks for reading! Have a super wonderful day!


//Green Mountain sights// 

Green Mountain makes for such a nice Sunday walk! The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and sunlight gleams through trees. It’s pure bliss being on that trail.

Gods goodness is clearly seen when I’m out in His creation. It’s almost as if everything is proclaiming His name.

I always feel so much closer to God when I’m away from the busyness of life, it’s a time I can just chit-chat with my dear savior and thank Him for everything He’s done for me.

God is good all the time y’all! 😊

Thanks for reading some thoughts of mine. I hope you have a super wonderful day today!


//How to freshen up a vintage rug//


I was recently given a beautiful rug by my Grandmother and have been so excited to invite it in! Vintage rugs add a quaint touch to a home, but sometimes they need a little TLC. This one’s in pretty good condition. It doesn’t have any stain spots, so thats nice.

I’ll show you how I brightened it up and gave it new life


1 . Vacuum and shake the rug out really well.

2 . Take a bowl with warm water and a drop of laundry detergent, lightly dampen a rag (You can also use a scrub brush).  Then scrub the surface of the rug making sure to pay special attention to any dirty spots.

3 . Air out the rug and let it dry.


4 . Once its completely dry take some baking soda and spread it all across the rug. Sometimes baking soda doesn’t smell the best, so I mixed a few drops of Sweet orange and lemon essential oils in a ziplock bag with the baking soda. You probably should be careful with this though, I don’t know if the oils could harm the wool.

5 . Let baking soda sit for a few hours then vacuum the rug well.


6 . If any of the tassels have come undone you can take a crochet hook (or in my case a Knifty-Knitter hook lol) and just pull them back through.

7 . If any seams are coming undone, you can sew it right up to prevent it from unraveling even more. It’s best if you use the same color thread as the rug, but I didn’t have that, so this will have to do for now.

And voila! Your vintage rug is nice and new.


Thanks for reading, I hope this helps/inspires you!

Have a most wonderful day 🙂


//Ocean Shores//

I was so blessed to be able to spend time with my family this weekend. Our lives get so busy that we hardly have any time to spend with each other, so it was really good to get away and unwind with them. Our weekend at Ocean Shore was filled with many little joys, like roller skating, fish and chips, pouring rain, stunning sunrise, Grass that dances and sways in the wind, hysterical laughter, colorful kites, bad ice cream, crazy beach hair and Irish music. Those are just some of the things that made me smile.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to go back real soon!

Thanks for reading 🙂 I hope you have a super wonderful day today!



//February Favorites//

Well folks, another month has come and gone already.

Even though it was snowing outside I was really craving spring and couldn’t help but be attracted to floral and pink haha.  Here are a few things I really enjoyed this February.

Cheers to February 🙂