//Poulsbo in April//


My Dad had to do some work in Poulsbo a few weekends ago and he invited me to go along with him. His work wasn’t too far from downtown, so I just took a nice stroll down to the shops on this lovely cloudy day. I don’t mind the clouds, they’re kinda relaxing to me. once I walked probably about a mile and a half, enjoying all the flowers along the way, I arrived to the row of shops. Having some Scandinavian blood in me, I felt right at home ;). I brought my laptop with me so I could do some blogging and such in the coffee shop. Once my laptop died (forgot to charge it the night before) and I looked at the shops, I headed back up to where my Dad was working and helped him a little bit. Once we where done, My Dads coworkers invited us to go to lunch with them, of course we excepted the invitation, who would pass up food? We went to this restaurant called “Green light Diner”. It was pretty good, I would give it a 8/10. It was very interesting hearing stories from these kind gentlemen that my Dad was working with. Over all, it was a pretty great day. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!



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