//How to freshen up a vintage rug//


I was recently given a beautiful rug by my Grandmother and have been so excited to invite it in! Vintage rugs add a quaint touch to a home, but sometimes they need a little TLC. This one’s in pretty good condition. It doesn’t have any stain spots, so thats nice.

I’ll show you how I brightened it up and gave it new life


1 . Vacuum and shake the rug out really well.

2 . Take a bowl with warm water and a drop of laundry detergent, lightly dampen a rag (You can also use a scrub brush). ย Then scrub the surface of the rug making sure to pay special attention to any dirty spots.

3 . Air out the rug and let it dry.


4 . Once its completely dry take some baking soda and spread it all across the rug. Sometimes baking soda doesn’t smell the best, so I mixed a few drops of Sweet orange and lemon essential oils in a ziplock bag with the baking soda. You probably should be careful with this though, I don’t know if the oils could harm the wool.

5 . Let baking soda sit for a few hours then vacuum the rug well.


6 . If any of the tassels have come undone you can take a crochet hook (or in my case a Knifty-Knitter hook lol) and just pull them back through.

7 . If any seams are coming undone, you can sew it right up to prevent it from unraveling even more. It’s best if you use the same color thread as the rug, but I didn’t have that, so this will have to do for now.

And voila! Your vintage rug is nice and new.


Thanks for reading, I hope this helps/inspires you!

Have a most wonderful day ๐Ÿ™‚



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