//Brittany Price//

Brittany Price from Woodstock Students on Vimeo.


This video I watched the other day was so inspiring to me. Its a good reminder that life is so much more than what the world tells us it is, and that Gods goodness is evident in the midst of suffering.

Although the audio is a bit off, its still worth a watch/listen.

Just thought I’d share with ya’ll ๐Ÿ™‚



//So, There’s This Guy…//

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This man who is standing beside me in this picture is my Best friend and my Boyfriend.

This is Micah.

Every time I get to see Micah I am in complete awe that God placed HIM in my life.

Micah is the kindest, most loving, genuine, wise, strong, respectful, God-fearing gentleman I have ever known.

His relationship with the Lord astonishes me everyday. Have you ever met someone whoโ€™s life gives glory to God? Well thats Micah. ย It makes a lot of sense that the meaning of Micahโ€™s name in Hebrew is โ€œWho is like Godโ€. His life is constantly pointing back to Christ and its truly inspiring to everyone around him.ย Its incredible when God places a man like that in your life, a man who stands for what he believes and never gives up.

I can’t wait to see where The Lord guides the both of us. This new adventure is terrifyingly wonderful and oh so special. It’s so special for many reasons but mostly because Micah and I’s relationship is centered around Christ, and always will be. If it wasn’t for God this relationship wouldn’t be possible.

So, meet my boyfriend Micah. ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for reading! I hope you have a most wonderful day!



//New Years Resolutions//

Well, It’s been one heck of a year. It flew by insanely fast, too fast.

I’m ready for 2017 and all the great stuff it will bring. I have NO clue what it will bring, but I know its in Gods hands. My lovely friends keep on reminding me of that. So yeah I’m ready, ready for a new year.

One of my New Years resolutions is to read the bible in a year. And I’m absolutely serious about this one and I am going to complete it. no matter what I want to make that one happen.

The other resolution is this. I want to live. I want to soak up every bit of life I possibly can well Im here on earth. I want to make every second count. In the words of one of my favorite YouTubers “I want to see, smell, taste, hear and feel as much as I can in this world, because if not I’m not really living right” -Chase Vs Everything.

I guess to sum up what I want this year to be like is this:

Grow closer to God, Love people more, enjoy life more, experience more.

Yep thats what I want.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!


//Seattle & James Vincent McMorrow//

Aye, its Tim ๐Ÿ™‚

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So here’s how the story goes. A few Saturdays ago a dear friend of mine invited me to go to a James Vincent McMorrow concert with her. Of course I was stoked and obviously excepted the invitation. The only concerts I’ve been to are Christian ones, so I didn’t know what quite to expect, but I was excited nonetheless.

We took the ferry over to Seattle and enjoyed the beautiful views of the Puget Sound. It was a cold wet day and looking back at it I probably should not have worn a dress. But no worries, I’m a Washingtonian and a stubborn one at that, A little rain won’t stop me from looking fabulous ;). Jk jk. We finally arrived in Seattle and had a few hours before the show started so we decided to get some dinner. We searched and searched all around Pike Place and finally found somewhere to eat. It was pretty much love at first sight. The minimalistic design of it was terrific, it looked like something I would pin on Pinterest. The name of this cute little restaurant is Cycene, Sandwiches and Grits. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t order anything but my friends did, and they enjoyed it very much. There was a charming, old, Irish man sitting behind us who kept engaging us in conversation, he was hilarious. You always meet so many interesting characters in Seattle.

Now it was about time to go stand in line for James Vincent McMarrow. When we walked up to the show box the man at the ticket booth told us the line started back there, on the street…in the pouring rain. Yeah, my Washingtonian side was put to the test. We were The first ones in line though so that was awesome. While we were waiting in line in the pouring rain for about an hour we met so many cool people. My favorite person I met was a guy named Tim. Tim was really awesome, we became instant friends. Shout out to Tim somewhere in the world, I hope you’re doing great! When we were finally let into the building it was such a relief, but by this point I looked like a drowned rat. And yay, it’s time for some more waiting. The opening act for James Vincent McMorrow finally came to the stage. I had no clue who this man was and I don’t even want to repeat his name because he was really creepy and weird. I’m not going to go into detail, but I’m pretty sure he might’ve been possessed. Yeah, I was praying the whole time. That was quite the experience. After that man was done singing it was time for some more waiting. After all this waiting James Vincent McMorrow FINALLY came on. And my goodness it was so worth standing in the rain for an hour. When James opens his mouth it takes your breath away. That’s about all I can say about him, he’s just a really good singer. I was disappointed at how much he swore though. Kinda a bummer. But I really enjoyed his concert.

Besides all the craziness of everything it was a 10 out of 10 night. I didn’t even go over all the crazy things that happened, but if I said anymore this wouldn’t be a blog post, it would be a book. So I guess I’ll leave it at that. Just to sum it all up, James Vincent McMorrow is a wonderful singer and you’ll meet a lot of characters in Seattle. The end.

Thank you so much for reading! I know this was a long one haha.

Have a wonderful day!


//Glass beach//

A few Sundays ago my family and I went on a little adventure. we headed up to Port Townsend area to a beach well known for the vintage broken glass that has become smooth over time. It’s pretty picked over, so I didn’t find a whole lot, but I took home a few good ones. It was nice to get out of the house and go for a walk on the beach enjoying the fresh air and scenery. Oh and the flowers were magnificent! I couldn’t believe they were still growing through the cold weather, I mean its November! So yeah, that was a good day.

Thanks for reading, have an amazing day!


//Stepping out of your comfort zone//

I am so proud of my sister! Hanna has been wanting an undercut for quite some time now and she finally got it done last week. As soon as we walked into The Proper Salon & Barber you could tell Hanna was a bit nervous. Her hands were gripped tightly to one another as she walked over and sat down in the chair. The gentleman giving her the haircut, Albon, was a bit nervous himself haha. Albon’s expertise is mens hair, he didn’t want to mess up a pretty girls hair. I think it made it especially hard for him because I was standing right there taking pictures the whole time. But Albon got in his zone and did a fantastic job! Moral of the story is both of them had to step out of their comfort zones and both were glad they did.

If you ever need a rad haircut I would definitely recommend The Proper. And specifically Albon. He’s the owner of the salon and has been doing hair for eleven years. Everyone there is so friendly and welcoming, 10/10 experience.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day today!